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Financial Advice Process

We have created a simple yet powerful financial advice process from which financial goals can be achieved, personal finances can grow and financial momentum can take hold.

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The Wealth Seekers approach

We are a fee-for-service financial planning firm that proudly engages our clients with utmost professionalism and dedication to achieving a meaningful change to their lives. Not only are we legally obligated to ensure that all advice which we provide to our clients is fit for their purpose and in their best interests, we are also committed to ensuring that every recommendation we make is thoroughly researched and tailored to their individual needs, goals and circumstances.

Every client who engages Wealth Seekers goes through our step-by-step advice process (you can learn more about our process below). As part of this process, we really get to know your story and what’s most important to you and your family. By taking the time to cover the important details, we are able to help you identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities that are crucial to achieving your financial goals.

Upon completion of our advice process, you will receive a custom financial plan, complete with strategic recommendations which will lay out your path forward.

Every client we work with has a unique personality and story, yet also tend to have very strong similarities…

So we’ve developed a dynamic process for creating financial growth and security that identifies the differences and harnesses the strength of the similarities…

  • We know it can be hard to find the right financial advisor to work with.

    Most advisors like to use confusing industry jargon that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and itching to get out of their office as fast as you can.

    Don’t worry. That’s not us.

    If you’re looking for a qualified advisor to help you through the maze of investing and financial planning strategies, there’s a possibility we’re a good fit.

    The outline below summarizes the typical clients we work with. If you feel this represents you, we would love for you to contact Wealth Seekers.

    This isn’t a high pressured sales call. This is a chance to see if we mesh well together.

  • The inital call

    The process starts with answering any initial questions you may have and finding out a little about your situation, any challenges you’re experiencing and where you like to be. From here we set a time to meet.

  • Our first meeting

    Whether we come to you or meet at the Wealth Seekers’ office, this is where the planning process really kicks off. We learn more about your situation and your financial goals.

    We’ll take a close look at your current strengths, opportunities and challenges in you reaching those goals, and begin highlighting strategies and options that can form part of your overall financial plan to help deliver on your goals.

  • Financial Analysis

    This is where the Wealth Seekers team begins to work on your broader financial strategy, calling upon our experience and skill to craft the right financial fit for your situation and goals.

  • The strategy discussion

    We’ll present your broad strategy which will be delivered in the context of your goals and in a format that helps you to understand where you’re currently at and what you’ll need to do to reach your goals. This meeting also allows us to answer any questions you have about your proposed financial direction and to follow up on any extra details we may need to compile your plan.

  • Financial plan preparation

    With a clear scope of work, we research, investigate and take all necessary steps to ensure we are formulating a thoroughly tailored financial plan that will minimise risk and optimise growth.

    We do this over a two week period. This ensures we allocate the time necessary to ensure we examine every detail to bring together a comprehensive and cohesive financial plan.

  • We present your financial plan

    We present your financial plan to you in person. All aspects of your plan are explained to you in detail so that everything is clear and you are kept fully informed every step of the way as we delve deeper into your recommended strategies.

    With you being part of the process, it allows for any questions to be asked, concerns to be raised and your feedback to be considered.

  • Implementation

    If you’re confident with your financial plan and you would like to move forward, we can then proceed to the initial stages of implementation. There is some paperwork involved to get the ball rolling, and once formal applications have been prepared, all documentation is double checked before we submit anything to the relevant financial institutions and/or our professional associations.

    In most instances, it takes approximately two to eight weeks for your financial plan to be implemented and for your recommended strategy to come into effect.

  • Follow-up and ongoing support

    After we deliver your plan, we schedule a follow-up meeting to see what questions you have on the plan and if you need any further assistance.

What We Do For Our Clients

Most importantly, we feel that clients and their financial advisor should have a close but professional relationship where they work together cohesively as a team. In the absence of taking on excessive risk, financial growth won’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and trust to achieve sustainable growth.

We’ve structured our advice and services in a way that gives clients specific personal attention and ongoing support with managing their finances. We know there’s always room for improvement, and we strive to get better at what we do every day. Our unwavering commitment is to take the thousands of hours of training and research that we do each year and apply it to benefit those who place their trust in our team and in our firm.

Due to advancements in technology, we’re happy to work with clients all over Australia. We have a wonderful web-based virtual meeting program that allows us to work with clients in a very personal manner despite being hundreds or even thousands of kilometres apart.

If you’ve always felt uneasy about working with a financial advisor, virtually, we think you’d be pleasantly surprised at how easy, efficient, and enjoyable it can be. If you live in the greater Brisbane area, however, we’re more than happy to come to your home or meet with you in our office.

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