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Common Personal Finance Challenges

A look at some of the common personal finance challenges we see getting in the way of Australians transitioning their personal finances from effort based to growth focused.

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We’re no strangers to the challenges that can hinder progression and growth…

Our insight into the financial Journey has helped individuals and families discover what they’re capable of and how to progress. Our financial plans have been developed to help Australians progress through their journey sooner and build growth focused finances in a sustainable way.

financial strategies for financial growth

We help everyday Aussies accelerate their personal finances…

Achieving success with your personal finances can take years of persistence, dedication and discipline. No matter where you are on the financial journey, we can focus you on the right strategy at the right time so that you can avoid wasting your time, energy and resources.

Financial commitments have drained our surplus cash flow

Paying off the home is getting in the way of financial growth

Significant increase in income has not improved our net worth

Financial capacity is tied to under-performing assets & investments

You’re asset rich but cash poor…

The reality is cash does not grow. It is a wise choice to put your cash to work in income producing and growth investments which will give you a better return over time…

The challenge is, balancing investment growth in the long term while ensuring that you have sufficient cash flow in the short term to satisfy your lifestyle needs and financial obligations.

financial advice for people who are asset rich and cash poor

You’re working hard, but not getting ahead…

It wasn’t that long ago when anyone could build a better life by simply working hard and spending within their means. The evidence suggests, however, that this equation is not so simple today. Just working hard and not overspending will no longer suffice on its own!

With rising living costs and societal expectations, it is possible to be living paycheck-to-paycheck even while earning a great income. And while home ownership is a great (and achievable goal), it is not a productive investment that will secure your future. The ever increasing financial demands of living in today’s Australia means that you need to make clever investments which will provide stable income and build your wealth.

financial advice for people with good income but not getting ahead

You’re on great income, you’re just not making great use of it…

There is a big difference between having a high income and becoming wealthy. Career success does not always translate into financial success, and it’s often people who are successful in their careers who are time-poor and less aware of the many opportunities they are missing to create wealth.

Failing to capitalise on your biggest income earning years is an enormous waste of time and effort. If not addressed, it can lead to a compound effect with wealth-destroying ramifications. Fortunately, however, it’s not too difficult to correct these wealth-sabotaging habits if they are picked up on sooner rather than later.

financial advice for high income earners with no assets

You’re putting your money to work, you’re just not experiencing strong financial growth…

The expectation is to work hard, save some money, put a deposit down on a place of your own, start a family, climb the corporate ladder, earn more, travel more. At times life can read like a shopping list.

Being successful feels good. Winning feels good. Hitting goals and exceeding expectations feels good. However, where passion and instinct have steered your career in the right direction, your investment choices have not followed suit.

It’s often easy to recognise under-performance but more difficult to accept. Take solace in knowing even with established investments there are options available to stimulate financial growth.

financial advice for asset rich with little growth

You’ve done well with your finances, but you want to reduce the administrative burden and squeeze greater efficiency and structural gains…

Once you are managing a significant investment portfolio, there is often a significant administrative burden that arises and a tendency for blind spots to become prevalent which leads to inefficiencies…

A reliable way of increasing investment returns without increasing risk is by reducing investment costs. Good financial structuring takes advantage of opportunities that exist within the legislative framework of Australia’s Banking, Investment, Superannuation and Taxation systems.

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