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Having worked on the personal finances of hundreds of families (and individuals), we’ve learned that there are certain problems and frustrations that come along at very predictable times.

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It’s a common journey that Australians go through…

…and it’s more predictable than most people realise. From working with hundreds of families (and individuals), we’ve learned that there are certain problems and frustrations that come along at very predictable times. More importantly, there are ways to overcome them if you know the journey ahead of you.

common financial growth challenges

We help Aussies progress…

We help everyday Aussies progress through their financial journey with certainty and purpose. Setting strong foundations from which goals can be achieved, personal finances can grow and financial momentum can take hold.

Paycheck-to-paycheck, consumer debts, goals out of reach, anxiety growing, no financial direction.


Financial Security | Goals
Confidence to pursue big financial goals, capacity to achieve goals sooner, setting a foundation for long-term wealth.

Knowledgeable about your personal finances, earning a good income, concerned you’re not doing enough.


Financial Growth
Clear growth path, continued investing, income / capacity building, structured efficiently, focused on big picture.

High investment costs absorbing cash flow, low investment growth, high tax payable, stressed, no pathway forward.


Financial Momentum
Growth compounding, investment returns exceeding cost of living, capacity to pursue opportunities.

Stress free and sustainable growth begins satisfying your basic financial security needs…

order for sustainable financial growth

We place three goals ahead of the rest – emergency savings, clearing consumer debt and creating long term investment growth.

These basics needs satisfy the financial security requirements for many Australians, freeing minds from financial worry and making it possible to work toward larger financial goals.

A good foundation protect us from relying on credit or surplus funds for unexpected expenses, both of which can derail future growth plans.

With simple organisation, money will cease to be a source of worry and be seen as a tool for moving finances forward and building personal wealth.

Real financial growth requires more than just effort…

Starting using time to create income

The money we set aside for ourselves, our debts and our lifestyle doesn’t work all that hard for us, the same goes for our savings.

While we all have to work to earn a living, we believe some of what you earn should work for you. The money that we invest is very much like an extension of our own effort, it has the ability to create income for us and grow in value.

With spare income available you can achieve astonishing things, and the effort you invest today will benefit you for years to come.

With an early start compounding is a great equaliser in life. It requires time, not large amounts of money to work. Yet most people never position their finances to benefit from compounding.

The longer and harder your money works, the less effort you’re required to contribute…

The long tail of good financial decision making

Building a portfolio of productive investments enables you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while still seeing your net wealth grow without you having to work any harder. The compound growth of your portfolio over time will act as a multiplier on your effort and increasingly reduce the burden on you to generate the heavy lifting.

Consider the situation where your investments are producing as much income as you do from working and this investment income is getting directed straight back into your portfolio to create additional growth each year. The first few years might not be all that exciting, but, as the growth of your portfolio compounds year in and year out, you will eventually see exponential returns for the same effort.

Once you achieve a certain level of financial growth, momentum takes over…

financial growth path

When we think of investment returns we often think of a percentage return. Generally, a higher return = better, though the trade-off for higher returns is often a higher risk.

A safer way to increase investment returns without increasing the risk is by reducing investment costs.

Good financial structuring takes advantage of opportunities that exist within the legislative framework of Australia’s Banking, Investment, Superannuation and Taxation systems.

Increasing net returns can be achieved by reducing fees, interest and tax payable.

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