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Financial Planning For Maintaining Wealth

With the right investment structures, it is possible to increase your investment returns without increasing the portfolio’s risk-weighting.

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Financial Planning for the future

momentum focused financial plan

The more money you have in your portfolio, the easier it is for inefficiencies to creep into the mix and compromise your real returns. Transaction costs, tax liabilities, management fees, interest repayments and insurance premiums are all unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be minimised. Identify opportunities to increase your after-tax returns and better utilise appropriate investment and legal structures to your advantage so that your portfolio is not dragged back by inefficient bleeds.

Don’t fall into the trap of allowing a large portfolio to achieve mediocre growth; instead, utilise the tools and structures at your disposal to optimise your finances and maximise the growth of your investments.

Efficiency gains to support continued financial growth

With the right investment structures, it is possible to increase your investment returns without increasing the portfolio’s risk-weighting.

Identify fee, tax, legislative and structural savings

Structure investments to complement the strategies and opportunities that exist within the legislative framework of Australia’s Banking, Investment, Superannuation and Taxation systems to enhance wealth accumulation.

Analyse capacity and constraints affecting future investment

Structuring finances and planning for the efficient use of financial resources that can be applied to scaling your net wealth and pursuing invest opportunities at the ideal time.

Support implementation and administration of investments

A professional team to relieve the administrative burden of managing complex portfolios and support for the implementation of ongoing wealth creation plans.

Financial planning for securing your legacy and continued wealth accumulation

financial momentum goals achieved in financial order

We understand that time is money and your time is better spent with your family rather than managing your financial affairs. Our professionals work tirelessly with you to create a financial strategy that continues to build your wealth while freeing up your time to pursue more important endeavours.

You want to be confident that your family’s financial future is secure, but you don’t necessarily have the time or the desire to manage your investment assets single-handedly. We can ease the burden on you by providing a plan to support and manage your financial growth as effectively as you have managed your own business or career

We can help you set up a streamlined approach to managing investment platforms, transactional bank accounts, loans, tax efficient legal entities and other structuring needs across your superannuation and your personal finances. We can also ensure your income is being maximised and applied effectively to build your investment portfolio. Importantly, our wealth protection experts will ensure that your family assets and livelihood are protected should the worst occur.

Our specialist team understands the unique qualities and attributes of a high net worth professional, so we can tailor the right solution to meet your specific needs and objectives.

What’s included

The confidence to build an enduring legacy.

Specific strategies for reducing administrative burden, improving structural and tax efficiencies, reduce borrowing costs, securing existing wealth and growing your legacy.

Your Goals
Your Finances
Your Timeline
Your Challenges
Your Resources
Your Future

Dedicated financial adviser

Growing wealth doesn’t work overnight. It takes time, patience, and trust. We’ve done our best to structure our advice and services in a manner that provides clients personal attention and financial management support from an adviser that works with you from the start.

Forecasts and projections

Utilising budget and cash flow projects we can paint a picture of the long-term outcomes and how different strategic recommendations can help you achieve your goals.

Education first approach

As good as it is to have someone help you, the end goal is to do it yourself. After all, that’s what financial independence is about, isn’t it? That is why we take an education first approach to the advice we provide.

Financial services included

Net wealth greater than $3m
Multiple assets
Joint names
Residential + commercial property
Transfer ownership structures
Related party loans
Trust structures
Super exceeds $1.6m balance cap

Who’s this for?

Successful business / career but are time-poor

We understand your time is money and your time is better spent with your family or on your individual pursuits rather than managing the administrative burden.

Utilise every available financial edge

As you continue to acquire assets and build wealth you want to eliminate financial blind spots and leverage available efficiency and structural gains.

Legacy is important

You have the skills needed to turn corporate / professional success into personal wealth, so you want to ensure your efforts leave a lasting footprint that will benefit those who are most important to you.

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