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Financial Advisor Fees

In almost all cases, our financial advisor fees are kept to $650 or $990 and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Often this cost can paid from your Superannuation.

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Financial Advisor Fees and Planning Costs

All our financial plans are customised to our clients circumstances, strengths, challenges, and opportunities they have in achieving their financial goals.

You’re not charged until we deliver your tailored financial plan and you’re 100% satisfied.

Goal Seeker


A plan for securing finances, achieving large goals sooner and establishing a foundation for financial growth.
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Financial Planning

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Scope of financial advice:

  • Personal banking
  • Debt minimisation
  • Superannuation
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning

Growth Seeker


A plan where financial capacity exists, finances are positioned for financial growth with the focus to build wealth.
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Financial Planning

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Scope of financial advice:

  • Personal banking
  • Debt minimisation
  • Equity optimisation
  • Lending structures
  • Superannuation
  • Self-managed superannuation
  • Investing
  • Investment Structures
  • Property investing
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning

Momentum Seeker


A plan where growth has been achieved and structural efficiencies + administrative support is needed.
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Financial Planning

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Everything from professional, in addition to any of the following:

  • Net wealth greater than $3m
  • Multiple assets
  • Residential + commercial property
  • Asset ownership structures
  • Related party loans
  • Trust structures
  • Superannuation exceeding balance caps $1.6m

Common questions about our financial advisor fees

In almost all cases, the planning fee is either $650 or $990 and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing.

For complex clients or clients who want help implementing their investments and financial structures, fees can vary and are based on plan recommendations.

How can I pay for my plan?

Often the cost of your financial plan can paid for with money from your superannuation, alternatively we accept all standard payment options.

When do I pay for my plan?

When it comes to advice, we believe you should know what you’re paying for. You won’t be charged until we have presented your financial plan and you’re happy with the advice provided.

Which plan is best for me?

We work with you to identify the financial plan best suited to your financial situation and for achieving your goals. This usually becomes clear during our first meeting.


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