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Your steps to a secure financial future

The initial phone conversation

We know it can be hard to find the right financial adviser to work with. Many advisers use confusing jargon that leaves you uncomfortable and itching to escape. Don’t worry. That’s not us.

During our initial call, we’ll answer any questions you might have. We’ll find out a bit about your situation, the challenges you face and the goals you have. This isn’t a high-pressure sales call. It’s a chance to see if we’ll work well together.

Meeting your advisor for the first time

An advisor can meet you in our north Brisbane office or come to you. Now, the planning process begins. We’ll learn more about your situation and your goals. We’ll look closely at your financial strengths, opportunities and challenges. And we’ll start to talk about the financial strategies and options that might become part of your financial plan.

This first meeting is guided by your personal goals and is different for everyone. Our advisors pride themselves on their ability to listen and hear what you have to say first and foremost, absorbing all important variables beyond just finance.

Developing your unique plan

After meeting with you one-on-one, we tailor an individual roadmap to achieve your lifestyle goals and financial desires.

Our team will work together to prepare your financial plan. We’ll call upon our extensive years of experience and skill in financial advice, utilising the many structural opportunities to achieve savings in tax, duties, bank interest, product fees, professional fees and risk. The compounding effect of combining multiple strategies with intelligent investing can be significant.

Your researched options will be supported with modeling and projections, and form recommendations that are the right fit for you.

Presenting your financial plan

After examining every detail, we’ll meet with you to present our plan. This where we really come into our own at Wealth Seekers. We explain all components of our plans in the simplest and most digestible manner.

Your advisor will take the time to explain how your plan will help you reach your goals from where you are right now. Decisions and signatures aren’t rushed, questions are welcomed, and our advisors pride themselves on providing clear and honest answers.

We believe the outcome is only part of our purpose. We’re just as committed to building financial understanding as we are to building financial results.

Proceeding with the advice

If you’re confident in our proposal and want to invest in our plan, we’ll begin work putting your plan into action. We’ll organise paperwork and documentation, and double-check everything before it’s submitted. Implementing your plan takes time, roughly 1 to 2 months before all elements are in place and underway.

Where To From Here? Financial growth and security.

By investing in a financial plan at Wealth Seekers, you can be confident that all risk mitigation parameters have been endorsed. As your portfolio develops, we will keep in contact to inform you of any adjustments or decisions, as well as opportunities we believe are fitting of your finances.

We believe everyone should be able to explore their financial options risk-free. We offer a free consultation at absolutely no obligation, so that you get the time you need to decide whether you’re ready to work with us.

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Schedule your Free Consultation now

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