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Superannuation is a complex area of your finances. Before establishing an SMSF, it’s important that you obtain SMSF Advice to ensure that it is appropriate for your circumstances and that you understand the trustee obligations that go with having an SMSF.

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It is important that you obtain SMSF Advice to ensure that it is appropriate for your circumstances

The right SMSF advice and fee structure are extremely important to ensure that you are achieving optimal returns and can accumulate a healthy retirement nest egg. The right advice can also help you avoid a nasty tax bill when you finally decide to retire.

An SMSF gives members of the fund more control over investment choices in their superannuation. They can tailor their own SMSF investment strategy and select specific assets, such as domestic and international shares, managed funds, investment property, cash, term deposits and so on.

SMSF Advice can help you to determine if the trade-off between the cost of running a Self-Managed Super Fund (both financial and time costs) outweighs the benefits that it can return, such as investment flexibility, control and tax effectiveness.

Our Financial Advisors can help you decide whether an SMSF Setup is right for you and if it is, they will take you through the process, step by step, of setting one up and guiding you through the range of investments you can put in place to ensure that your Superannuation provides you with the best possible outcome at retirement.

All new clients of Wealth Seekers are eligible for a complimentary SMSF Suitability appointment where one of our Financial Advisors will take an hour or so with you to discuss your current superannuation fund and whether or not you are in a position to explore the option of SMSF Setup.

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