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Property in SMSF is not as straightforward as property investment outside of superannuation, so you need to do your homework to make sure you’re fully informed.

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SMSF Property Investment offers many of the same benefits as traditional property investment.

One of the reasons why SMSF Property is so popular is that your superannuation can be used as a deposit to borrow money and purchase an investment property.

Using super to buy property offers many of the same benefits as traditional property investment. However, unlike traditional property investing, there are several components that need to be brought together.  Getting it wrong can result in financial and emotional stress.

Fortunately, Wealth Seekers can examine whether purchasing property using your superannuation is an appropriate option for you.  By using a measured approach, we will ensure that any investment property you purchase fits into the investment strategy and risk profile of your SMSF fund.

Our experienced team will guide you through the process of establishing an SMSF, conducting superannuation rollovers, organising SMSF loans, sourcing an SMSF property, implementing insurance arrangements and performing annual audits and tax returns.

With an appropriate SMSF property and financial analysis completed, you should not be required to subsidise the investment from your personal finances. SMSF property can be a very beneficial long-term strategy for the right person, in the right circumstances, implemented with the right advice.

All clients of Wealth Seekers are eligible for a complimentary SMSF Property review, where one of our Financial Advisors will take an hour with you to review your superannuation and whether you are in a position to benefit from invest in property using your superannuation.

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