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Is thinking about money a bad thing? What about worrying about money?
Money Management
March 27, 2018

Is thinking about money a bad thing? What about worrying about money?

In my experience, worrying about money has been a good thing, provided that it doesn’t consume you and begin to affect other areas of your life. I remember a time…
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the true cost of ongoing financial advisor fees
Investment Advice
February 22, 2018

The True Cost of Ongoing Financial Advisor Fees and Investment Fees on Personal Finances

Ongoing financial advisor fees can cost you over $421,952 or 19.53% in lost retirement savings, and even more if your financial advisor is not cost conscious with your investment selection…
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the biggest investment return in his life
Investment Advice
February 2, 2018

How the biggest investment windfall of his life turned into the worst thing that could’ve happened to him.

‘I can still hear the tenuous echo of the words flying from his mouth as he spruiked his latest stock tip,’ James said to his colleague, Bob, as he recounted…
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the worlds unluckiest investor
Investment Advice
January 20, 2018

What if the only times you invested were at the worst possible times? Meet Australia’s unluckiest investor.

…his timing was abysmal!  The dot-com bubble burst a couple of weeks after he’d invested $150,000. Close to 80% was wiped from the technology sector and in the space of…
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